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The Plus Project: Kenneth Udut

July 31, 2011 2 comments

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For the start of a brand new week I’ve selected Kenneth Udut for today’s Plus Project. Kenneth is a 39 year old professional animal trapper living in Florida, and he also runs He speaks Russian and Spanish, and often has to avoid bears when taking out the garbage (I didn’t even realize that bears were a common sight in Florida). Kenneth likes Pink Floyd and Monty Python, as well as physics and quantum mechanics, which he discusses with much more confidence than I could muster. You can find him on Facebook, where he has photos of some of those darn bears, and he tweets often @simplify3, mostly with links to businesses in the Naples, FL area. He was previously a systems analyst, and loves working with large volumes of data. Other people often refer to Kenneth as a Microsoft Excel guru, and he is a self professed amateur scientist and philosopher. Kenneth clearly loves science and discussing the remarkable universe which we call home. I also think the universe is remarkable, and I think Kenneth is remarkable too! Don’t forget to add him to your circles!

Kenneth Udut on Google+

The Plus Project: Jordan Arseno

July 30, 2011 3 comments

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I’ve selected Jordan Arseno for today’s Plus Project. Jordan is an electrical and internet engineer living in Nova Scotia. He is also the CTO of Halftone Creative, and he builds in taLM (I haven’t the faintest idea what that is). Jordan likes Arcade Fire and Fight Club (who DOESN’T like that film?), and he recently graduated from Dalhousie University, which was founded in 1818 and boasts more Rhodes Scholars than any other university in Atlantic Canada. He tweets @jordanarseno, mostly about programming, but also many different interesting tidbits from the nether regions on the internet. He contributes regularly at, and occasionally blogs at Jordan has a confidence and can-do attitude about himself and his work, so if you ever need a PHP website built, Jordan is your guy. Don’t forget to add him to your circles!

Jordan Arseno on Google+

The Plus Project: Desirre Andrews

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Today I’ve selected Desirre Andrews for the Plus Project. Desirre is a birthing professional and advocate living in Colorado. She is the owner of Preparing For Birth, LLC.; through which she provides Doula and Midwife services, as well as public speaking and education. On the site she also blogs fairly regularly about many topics relating to pregnancy and childbirth, and posts a wide variety of helpful information for expecting women and new mothers (as well as those who love them). She also tweets frequently @preparing4birth about many of the same topics. She supports many varieties of traditional and holistic healthcare, and addresses challenging topics from a straightforward yet positive perspective. She has a number of photos of newborns and proud mamas at (some may be considered graphic and/or NSFW), which offer a fascinating insight into the moments surrounding childbirth. Desirre has a clear love for infants and their mothers, and her tenderness easily shines through. You should definitely check her out!

Desirre Andrews on Google+

The Plus Project: Jens Stratmann

July 28, 2011 5 comments

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Today I’ve selected Jens Stratmann. Jens is a freelance writer and web designer living in Germany, and he is the owner of Stratmann Tuning, He Likes cycling and photography, and he also blogs regularly at about both, as well as blogging at about cars and the automotive industry. Being that his posts are all in German I’ve had a tough time understanding a lot of them, so I don’t have a whole lot of other information about him. He’s clearly an active guy, with a passion for cycling and cars, and he has a tenderness to him that speaks to a level of compassion. Youy should definitely go check him out, and be sure to bring along Google Translatefor the ride!

Heute habe ich Jens Stratmann gewählt. Jens ist ein freiberuflicher Schriftsteller und Web-Designer in Deutschland leben, und erist der Besitzer des Stratmann Tuning, liebt er Radfahren und Fotografie, und auch er Blogs regelmäßig auf jens-stratmann.desowohl über als auch Blogging am rad-ab. com über Autos und die Automobilindustrie. Being, dass seine Beiträge aller inDeutschland hatte ich eine harte Zeit zu verstehen eine Menge von ihnen haben, sind, so habe ich nicht eine ganze Menge anderer Informationen über ihn. Er ist eindeutig ein aktiver Kerl, mit einer Leidenschaft für den Radsport und Autos, und er hateine Zärtlichkeit für ihn, dass auf ein Niveau von Mitgefühl spricht. Youy sollte auf jeden Fall gehen überprüfen ihn aus, und achten Sie darauf, entlang Google Translatefor die Fahrt zu bringen!

Jens Stratmann on Google+

The Plus Project: Julia Mak

July 27, 2011 2 comments

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Today I’ve selected Julia Mak. Julia is a Marketing and Communications Manager with Oxygen Cloud, located in California. She has several dogs, is an avid fan of the Phoenix Suns, and likes to play Settlers of Catan. She tweets @JuliaMak about the cloud and tech and all sorts of cool things. Then, she also tweets @MissJulze where she seems to discuss whatever happens to be on her mind. She blogs periodically at, and she posts some beautiful and often funny photos on Flickr. She loves cupcakes and wine, and loves talking cloud storage and tech. Julia is a stunning woman with a radiant personality. You should definitely be following her.

Julia Mak on Google+