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The Plus Project: Marcy Massura

Project plus logoSorry to be a bit late with today’s update! Today I’ve selected Marcy Massura. Marcy lives in California with her husband and two sons Jack and Tucker, who currently participate in five sports (yes, FIVE! More than I’ve participated in in my lifetime!). Marcy is the Digital Author of “AdTalk: What were they thinking” and “How to Play with Words and Make Them Do (great) Things” (due out spring 2012). She is the Community Manager for the online presence of Oscar Mayer (yes, I wish I was one too), and she has worked with numerous other national brands of which you may have heard, like Atwater. No, never heard of them? What about Disney, Chevrolet, and Nintendo? Heard of them? Naturally, she tweets like a maniac @MarcyMassura, and Klout.com says she is a Pundit, but what I found most interesting is that she is Founder and CEO of Smartly, a writers collective, and co-founded BlogCrush. I absolutely love the brilliant witty humor that she posts at The Glamorous Life(added to my Google Reader!), and I am impressed by her devotion to her children. Marcy is a dynamo of a woman, beautiful on the outside, with an effervescent spirit that I can only imagine must spill over into the lives of those around her. Do yourself a favor and go Circle her now!

Marcy Massura

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