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The Plus Project: Jason Mkrtschjan

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Today I’ve selected Jason (Jay Mathes) Mkrtschjan for the Plus Project. Jay is 28 years old, and lives in Illinois with his wife Megan. He is a songwriter, musician, recording artist, and music producer. He like’s rock-climbing and backpacking, but didn’t like the movie “2012” (admittedly, not the best Cusack film). Jay’s music touches on faith and hope, love, loss, the quiet aching questions of our lives, and the dreams we all privately yearn to have fulfilled. Jay holds the view that connecting with fans is best done in person, and he eschews the lack of authenticity often found on social media sites. As such, he is the first person I’ve selected that doesn’t seem to be routinely active on Google+, but he blogs regularly at about a variety of topics, from the music industry, to philosophical questions, to everyday experiences, and he posts really cool photos of studio sessions and performances at (and Jay, I hope you read this and see that social media can be an effective way of reaching new listeners). You can, of course, find his music at, and video blogs at  In a world that is all too frequently dismissive of our unique personal goals and desires, Jay is a superb example of someone completely committed to living out his dreams in a fresh, authentic and humble way. Jay is a super talented writer and musician, so you should definitely add him to your circles, and if you’re in the Chicago area go check out his upcoming show at Hidden Shamrock, or see his website at for other upcoming shows.

(Jay Mathes) Mkrtschjan