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The Plus Project: Ben Preston

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Today I’ve selected Ben Preston. Ben is a Linux System Administrator and lives in Utah. Ben likes snowboarding, rock climbing and mountain boarding. He has some REALLY awesome shots of mountain boarding on Picasa. I think this is great, as most people wouldn’t describe me as “outdoorsy” (they’d probably be more likely to refer to me as “afraid of spiders-y”). He also seems to enjoy cooking, and if his photos on Flickr are any indication, he spends a lot of time hanging out and having fun with friends. He occassionally posts about Linux related topics at (which are consistently over my head), and periodically blogs at He also tweets @veruus about a significant variety of topics, most of which make me laugh very hard. Ben has a winning smile, and a very evident love of spending time in the great outdoors with friends. I can totally respect that. You know the drill, go add him to your circles!

Ben Preston on Google+