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The Plus Project: Desirre Andrews

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Today I’ve selected Desirre Andrews for the Plus Project. Desirre is a birthing professional and advocate living in Colorado. She is the owner of Preparing For Birth, LLC.; through which she provides Doula and Midwife services, as well as public speaking and education. On the site she also blogs fairly regularly about many topics relating to pregnancy and childbirth, and posts a wide variety of helpful information for expecting women and new mothers (as well as those who love them). She also tweets frequently @preparing4birth about many of the same topics. She supports many varieties of traditional and holistic healthcare, and addresses challenging topics from a straightforward yet positive perspective. She has a number of photos of newborns and proud mamas at (some may be considered graphic and/or NSFW), which offer a fascinating insight into the moments surrounding childbirth. Desirre has a clear love for infants and their mothers, and her tenderness easily shines through. You should definitely check her out!

Desirre Andrews on Google+