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The Plus Project: Michael Ouellette

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

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I’ve selected Michael Ouellette for the Plus Project today. Michael is a 23 year old web developer/designer from Pennsylvania, where he graduated from Penn State in 2009. He lives with his fiancé Raechul, and they’re getting married on September third, so be sure to offer your congratulations. He likes the Steelers and Ferrari, and has some really good photos of Ferraris and other cars on Picasa. You can find Michael on his website at, where he also blogs periodically. He also likes the bands Boston and AC/DC, so he clearly has fantastic taste in music. He tweets @ferrarifan599 from time to time, largely about Google and their products. In particular, he really seems to like Android (I’m also and Android fan. Have you tried rooting yet?) You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn, or be his friend on Facebook. Michael is a totally awesome guy, and his fiancé raves about him, so he’s definitely doing something right. Go offer him an early wedding gift by adding him to your circles today!

Michael Ouelette on Google+