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The Plus Project: Israel Vicars

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

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I’ve selected Israel Vicars for today’s Plus Project. Israel is an entrepreneur and Founding partner of, and he lives with his wife Brittany (with whom he recently celebrated his anniversary) in my home state of Missouri. He is also a Community Manager at, where he works with Angel investors, and manages their social media channels. Israel has worked with the University of Michigan, and done presentations at national trade shows. In addition he founded MPowered, a student organization supporting entrepreneurship, and co-founded the Association of Business Plan Competitions. He likes attending orchestral performances, cooking, and drinking espresso, and has launched his own film funding company. Israel tweets @israelvicars about the daily activities of his life, and you can find him on his website at, connect on LinkedIn, or get to know him on Facebook. I love the way that Isreal so thoroughly supports the visionary ideas and creativity of entrepreneurs both young and old, and if you like seeing people’s ideas come to life then you’ll be glad to have him in your circles.

Israel Vicars on Google+