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The Plus Project: Amy Locurto

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Today I’ve selected Amy Locurto for the Plus Project. Amy is a graphic designer, stylist, and blogger living in Texas with her two children. She hosts a daily craft/design blog with a ton of really fun and inspirational ideas at livinglocurto.com. Her site is a splendid mashup of fun foods, crafts, creative ideas, and even free stuff for you to get your creativity on! She also founded iheartfaces, a popular photography website with weekly photo challenges, and nearly 12,000 members. The wide variety of themes and images that their users create for the challenges are absolutely incredible. Amy’s work has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Parenting Magazine, and LifeHacker; and she has worked with Disney, Kodak, and Carnival Cruise Lines. She likes Sun Chips and Dr Pepper, and you can find her personal photography on Flickr, where she has a ton of fun and festive shots. Amy tweets @livinglocurto about design and crafts, travel, and all sorts of creative ideas, and she also tweets @iheartfaces about photography. If you need some design work done you can hit Amy up at atomicegg.com, which is her personal design studio, and follow her work there @atomicegg. If you’d like to hook up you can like her on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn. Amy is a beautiful creative juggernaut, and I love the way in which her work is boldly bringing fun, family, and a touch of whimsy together to create joy. It is clear that she has an appreciation for, and love of people. That tenderness is evidant in all of her endeavors, so you’ll be missing out if you don’t add her to your circles.

Amy Locurto on Google+

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