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The Plus Project: 凌霄

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

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Today I have selected 凌霄 for the Plus Project. 凌霄 lives in Hangzhou, China, with his wife 媛媛 and his young daughter 七七. His name seems to translate to “Peak”, and his profile says his occupation is water development, but I’m not real sure what all that entails. He attended Wuhan University of Technology, and it seems he graduated in 2000. 凌霄 writes in Chinese, which I do not know how to read, so I’m using Google Translate to to try to understand his posts. I’m not sure how much faith I place in Google Translate, but it’s a good starting point. 凌霄 blogs at, about daily life and travel. He also posts some adorable photographs of his daughter there. His family has recently been traveling, so he talks about that, and it seems he is deeply thinking about truth and how to spread it to as many people as he can. 凌霄 also posts at, where he speaks mostly about movies. He has some lovely photographs of his family on Picasa, and I particularly enjoyed seeing all of the things his daughter is doing and learning. 凌霄, I don’t know if you can read this, but I hope you do and that you know that I think you have a beautiful family. You are clearly a loving father, and I hope that life gives you all that you hope for your daughter. I am honored that you would share your life, and I know you will find joy in truth.


凌霄 on Google+