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The Plus Project: Ash Donaldson

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For today’s Plus Project I’ve selected Ash Donaldson. Ash is a User Experience designer living in Sydney, Australia. He studies the way people utilize products and services, and how they are affected by their environments. He then uses that knowledge to create human-centered designs that just work better for people. Ash is the first Australian to act as an expert witness witness to the federal court in human-computer interaction, and he acted as Sydney’s Leader and event organiser for the inaugural World Usability Day event in November 2005. Throughout his career he has worked with Fuji-Xerox, National Australia Bank, and has spoken at TEDx. Check out this video of him speaking at TEDx 2010 on his thoughts on cognitive dissonance.

Ash posts on his blog at uxash.wordpress.com where he has some wonderfully insightful thoughts on user experience design, and the ways in which our minds work, or fail to work the way we might expect. He tweets @ashdonaldson about topics ranging from politics to atheism, and he posts absolutely beautiful photos on Flickr. You can connect with Ash on LinkedIn, or add become his friend on Facebook. I love the way Ash tackles design from a human centered perspective, and if you’ve ever wondered how a specific item worked so well then you will too. Be sure to add him to your circles, and wish him an early happy birthday (September 9th)!

Ash Donaldson on Google+

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