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The Plus Project: Valissa Warren

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For today’s Plus Project I’ve selected Valissa Warren. Graduating from Ohio State University in 2007, and with a Masters from Rutgers University in 2010, Valissa now works in Melbourne, Australia as a marketing specialist and provides web support for web123.com.au and jackmarlow.com.au. She is fluent in Spanish, is a self professed web geek, and is a big fan of PostSecret. Valissa blogs regularly on web123.com.au about the internet, launching and managing a website, as well as best practices for marketing your business online. She sweets regularly @bichita13 about her day to day activities, travel, and venues. If you’re more of the active on the go kind of person you can see where Valissa is hanging out on Foursquare, or read one of her many reviews on Yelp to help you decide where to eat/view art/have a tooth pulled. You can connect with Valissa on LinkedIn, where former clients an colleagues rave about how wonderful it is to work with her, or like her company on Facebook. Valissa is a gorgeous woman inside and out, and if you love traveling to far off locales, building awesome websites, or just celebrating all that life has to offer then you’ll love having her in your circles!

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    • Mike Searle
      August 15, 2011 at 6:32 am

      Word to your mother.

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