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The Plus Project: Luky Sherman

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I’ve selected Luky Sherman for today’s Plus Project. Originally from Bangladesh, Luky is now an author and model living Florida. Today is the one month anniversarry of the publishing of her book, titled Bengali Girls Don’t. Bengali Girls Don’t is the uncensored story of Luky’s life, from being born in a small village in Bangladesh, surviving Bangladesh’s liberation, and a forced marriage at the age of 15. Luky’s story is a visceral look at what Bengali life was like for her, and it doesn’t shy away from the terrors of genocide, the horror of of living a life not of your own choosing, and the atrocities that people commit against each other. She was recently featured on The Women of G+, and she blogs regulary on Blogspot where she writes poetry, shares interesting stories, and posts about her book (you can also read part of the book there). It’s no surprise that she also models, so if you’re in the market for someone to stand-in for your next profile photo you can contact her through thefloridamodelingnetwork.ning.com. Luky tweets @lukysherman about just about anything, and you can add her as a friend on Facebook. I haven’t finished Luky’s book yet (I’m working on it!), but it is a testament to the strength of her spirit and courage, and she clearly has a radiant heart to match her smile. Luky is a stunning woman with a remarkable story, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t add her to your circles.

Luky Sherman on Google+

  1. August 15, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Congrats Lucky,hope your this book will give you new hights in the field of litrature…….

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