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The Plus Project: Paulo Furtado

August 16, 2011 2 comments

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I’ve selected Paulo Furtado for today’s Plus Project. Paulo is a professor of translation studies and communication at Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração. He lives in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, with his wife Sofia, and they are expecting their first child (so be sure to congratulate him). He is a man obsessed with knowledge in all forms, as he likes robotics, science, astronomy and just about any other wonderful geekery at which you can shake a stick. Paulo has an insane amount of content aggregated on, and he posts some really interesting stuff on Posterous. He’s is referred to as a Renaissance man by his peers, due to his astounding variety of interests. Paulo posts some lovely pictures on Picasa, and he tweets @PauloFurtado where he discusses everything from human history, alternative energy, and quantum computing. You can connect with Paulo on LinkedIn, or you could add him as a friend on Facebook. Paulo is a totally awesome guy, and I love his passion for learning and sharing information. He really is a Renaissance man, and I think he would be an inspiration to have in your circles.

Paulo Furtado on Google+