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The Plus Project: Alida Brandenburg

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I’ve selected Alida Brandenburg for today’s Plus Project. Alida graduated with from UC Berkeley in 2006 with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, and now lives in San Francisco where she has been working for Pandora Radio since February 28, 2011. Prior to this she has worked with Hotwire, and was also an event planner, coordinating the logistics of events centered around the music entertainment undustry. Alida tweets occassionally @littleetoile about work and her life, and she really loves music (I love music too!). She posts frequently on her Google Plus profile, including the occassional deep thoughts and even a periodic blog post, like this one where she discusses why she decided to pursue a career with Pandora. You can add Alida as a friend on Facebook, or connect with her on LinkedIn. I love that Alida loves music so much that she would pursue it so strongly in the face of what might seem to be more lucrative pursuits. Alida is an authentic beauty, both on the outside, and in her decision to follow her dream rather than money. If you would like to surround yourself with people that pursue their dreams, than Alida is a must for your circles!

Alida Brandenburg on Google+

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