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The Plus Project: Steve Ruge

August 18, 2011 2 comments

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For today’s Plus Project I’ve selected Steve Ruge. Originally from Chicago, Steve now lives in Colorado and works in customer support, servicing Apple phones. He graduated from San Diego Mesa College in 2007, and is now looking for an opportunity in the geographic information system (GIS) industry. Steve is a fan of They Might Be Giants (which pretty much makes him the most awesome guy ever), and he likes Mythbusters (also one of my favorite shows!). Steve tweets occasionally @geostevestr where he talks mostly about GIS, and you can check out his blog at, where he has a really in depth blog about the Volkswagen Golf TDI that he purchased earlier this year. He has some interesting photos on Picasa, including some really interesting pieces on the construction of a house and landscaping, and you can also check out his shared items in Google Reader where he has some neat finds from all over the web, and a good deal of things about Apple. Steve likes Mixed Martial Arts and 80’s music, and I can’t help but wonder if there is some magical way to mesh those two together. You can hit Steve up on Facebook, or connect on LinkedIn where you can drop him a line if you know of any good positions coming available in the GIS industry. Steve is an awesome guy with a drive to pursue his passion, and he has a ton of wicked cool interests. Whether you need geographic data for informing your decisions, or just want to chat about the iPhone 5, Steve will make a great addition to your circles!

Steve Ruge on Google+