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The Plus Project: Jenni R

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

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I’ve selected Jenni R for today’s Plus Project. Jenni is a banker, blogger, and web designer living in Hyogo, Japan, and she is the creator of IntenseBlog where she posts often about topics related to blogging, and using your blog for marketing. She has some excellent posts about plagiarism, re-purposing content, and many other topics. Jenni has a good deal of really great shares on StumbleUpon, and she tweets periodically @wpbloggers, largely about blogging. Jenni’s blog contains several helpful tutorials, and her philosophy seems largely built around doing what you love and engaging with the audience, and she actively interacts with and responds to her readers. Jenni is a fan of Lady Gaga, and web design (of course!), and it’s good to see someone who not only knows their work, but truly loves it. If you like her blog, you can find it’s page on Facebook, where she goes even more in depth about how she blogs, design criteria, and tricks of the trade. You can connect with Jenni on LinkedIn, where she is interested in consulting opportunities. Jenni is a beautiful woman with a tender heart, and it is clear that she has an authentic love for what she does, as well as for her audience. If you need help getting your blog off the ground, or are an established blogger looking to extend your network, Jenni will be a great addition to your circles!

Jenni R on Google+

The Plus Project: Steve Ruge

August 18, 2011 2 comments

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For today’s Plus Project I’ve selected Steve Ruge. Originally from Chicago, Steve now lives in Colorado and works in customer support, servicing Apple phones. He graduated from San Diego Mesa College in 2007, and is now looking for an opportunity in the geographic information system (GIS) industry. Steve is a fan of They Might Be Giants (which pretty much makes him the most awesome guy ever), and he likes Mythbusters (also one of my favorite shows!). Steve tweets occasionally @geostevestr where he talks mostly about GIS, and you can check out his blog at, where he has a really in depth blog about the Volkswagen Golf TDI that he purchased earlier this year. He has some interesting photos on Picasa, including some really interesting pieces on the construction of a house and landscaping, and you can also check out his shared items in Google Reader where he has some neat finds from all over the web, and a good deal of things about Apple. Steve likes Mixed Martial Arts and 80’s music, and I can’t help but wonder if there is some magical way to mesh those two together. You can hit Steve up on Facebook, or connect on LinkedIn where you can drop him a line if you know of any good positions coming available in the GIS industry. Steve is an awesome guy with a drive to pursue his passion, and he has a ton of wicked cool interests. Whether you need geographic data for informing your decisions, or just want to chat about the iPhone 5, Steve will make a great addition to your circles!

Steve Ruge on Google+

The Plus Project: Alida Brandenburg

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

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I’ve selected Alida Brandenburg for today’s Plus Project. Alida graduated with from UC Berkeley in 2006 with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, and now lives in San Francisco where she has been working for Pandora Radio since February 28, 2011. Prior to this she has worked with Hotwire, and was also an event planner, coordinating the logistics of events centered around the music entertainment undustry. Alida tweets occassionally @littleetoile about work and her life, and she really loves music (I love music too!). She posts frequently on her Google Plus profile, including the occassional deep thoughts and even a periodic blog post, like this one where she discusses why she decided to pursue a career with Pandora. You can add Alida as a friend on Facebook, or connect with her on LinkedIn. I love that Alida loves music so much that she would pursue it so strongly in the face of what might seem to be more lucrative pursuits. Alida is an authentic beauty, both on the outside, and in her decision to follow her dream rather than money. If you would like to surround yourself with people that pursue their dreams, than Alida is a must for your circles!

Alida Brandenburg on Google+

The Plus Project: Paulo Furtado

August 16, 2011 2 comments

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I’ve selected Paulo Furtado for today’s Plus Project. Paulo is a professor of translation studies and communication at Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração. He lives in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, with his wife Sofia, and they are expecting their first child (so be sure to congratulate him). He is a man obsessed with knowledge in all forms, as he likes robotics, science, astronomy and just about any other wonderful geekery at which you can shake a stick. Paulo has an insane amount of content aggregated on, and he posts some really interesting stuff on Posterous. He’s is referred to as a Renaissance man by his peers, due to his astounding variety of interests. Paulo posts some lovely pictures on Picasa, and he tweets @PauloFurtado where he discusses everything from human history, alternative energy, and quantum computing. You can connect with Paulo on LinkedIn, or you could add him as a friend on Facebook. Paulo is a totally awesome guy, and I love his passion for learning and sharing information. He really is a Renaissance man, and I think he would be an inspiration to have in your circles.

Paulo Furtado on Google+

The Plus Project: Luky Sherman

August 15, 2011 1 comment

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I’ve selected Luky Sherman for today’s Plus Project. Originally from Bangladesh, Luky is now an author and model living Florida. Today is the one month anniversarry of the publishing of her book, titled Bengali Girls Don’t. Bengali Girls Don’t is the uncensored story of Luky’s life, from being born in a small village in Bangladesh, surviving Bangladesh’s liberation, and a forced marriage at the age of 15. Luky’s story is a visceral look at what Bengali life was like for her, and it doesn’t shy away from the terrors of genocide, the horror of of living a life not of your own choosing, and the atrocities that people commit against each other. She was recently featured on The Women of G+, and she blogs regulary on Blogspot where she writes poetry, shares interesting stories, and posts about her book (you can also read part of the book there). It’s no surprise that she also models, so if you’re in the market for someone to stand-in for your next profile photo you can contact her through Luky tweets @lukysherman about just about anything, and you can add her as a friend on Facebook. I haven’t finished Luky’s book yet (I’m working on it!), but it is a testament to the strength of her spirit and courage, and she clearly has a radiant heart to match her smile. Luky is a stunning woman with a remarkable story, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t add her to your circles.

Luky Sherman on Google+