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The Plus Project: 凌霄

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

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Today I have selected 凌霄 for the Plus Project. 凌霄 lives in Hangzhou, China, with his wife 媛媛 and his young daughter 七七. His name seems to translate to “Peak”, and his profile says his occupation is water development, but I’m not real sure what all that entails. He attended Wuhan University of Technology, and it seems he graduated in 2000. 凌霄 writes in Chinese, which I do not know how to read, so I’m using Google Translate to to try to understand his posts. I’m not sure how much faith I place in Google Translate, but it’s a good starting point. 凌霄 blogs at, about daily life and travel. He also posts some adorable photographs of his daughter there. His family has recently been traveling, so he talks about that, and it seems he is deeply thinking about truth and how to spread it to as many people as he can. 凌霄 also posts at, where he speaks mostly about movies. He has some lovely photographs of his family on Picasa, and I particularly enjoyed seeing all of the things his daughter is doing and learning. 凌霄, I don’t know if you can read this, but I hope you do and that you know that I think you have a beautiful family. You are clearly a loving father, and I hope that life gives you all that you hope for your daughter. I am honored that you would share your life, and I know you will find joy in truth.


凌霄 on Google+

The Plus Project: Vania Stoyanova

August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

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Today I’ve selected Vania Stoyanova for the Plus Project.  Vania is a book trailer producer living in Georgia. She operates, and her company produces marketing trailers for books, mostly in the Young Adult category. If you’re like me you might be thinking “Books have trailers?”. But if you check out her videos posted on Youtube, you’ll see that not only do they, but she makes some really good ones. Vania just graduated from Georgia State University earlier this year, so be sure to offer her a warm congratulations on her achievement. She likes Johnny Cash and Kings of Leon (did someone say mashup?), and she is an avid reader. She also likes dancing, playing around in Photoshop (one of my favorite pastimes), and watching awesome movies like The Departed. Vania shoots some fantastic pictures for fun and work which you can check out on Flickr. She tweets at an incredible rate @VLC_Photo about food, photography, and of course books. She’s looking for a personal assistant, so anyone with skills may want to hit her up. You can find her business page on Facebook, or if you want to become friends you can see her personal Facebook page. Vania is a ravishing woman with a sparkle in her eye that shows she loves what she does, and she loves life. If you love life, you should make her a part of yours by adding her to your circles.

Vania Stoyanova on Google+

The Plus Project: KC Chessor

August 8, 2011 2 comments

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Today I’ve selected KC Chessor for the Plus Project. KC is a supporter of pseudonymity on the web, and as such he is the first person I’ve selected who isn’t sharing many personal details of their life. He tweets @bibliotech about a variety of things, and he posts periodically on LiveJournal. says that his favorite musicians are Ella Fitzgerald and Jack Johnson. Those happen to be among my favories as well, so he definitely gets points for that. KC keeps a number of recipes on Springpad, and he seems to be into quite a fair bit of geekery (for which I salute you, good sir). He blogs at, and also on, somewhat about pseudonymity. Since I don’t have much more than that to go on, I figured I should make up some more information to keep it entertaining. I thought I could say something like that he was exposed to a lab accident and gained superspeed, but that just wouldn’t be true (it was actually super intelligence). However, that just wouldn’t be right, so instead let me just say that KC has an awesome avatar, and he clearly knows all of the cool geek stuff. That’s good enough for me, so if you like geek stuff too, you should add him to your circles.


*Update* – It turns out KC is a girl, and I was pretty much stuffing my foot in my mouth this whole time. Sorry for the mix-up, KC!

KC Chessor on Google+

The Plus Project: Amy Locurto

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

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Today I’ve selected Amy Locurto for the Plus Project. Amy is a graphic designer, stylist, and blogger living in Texas with her two children. She hosts a daily craft/design blog with a ton of really fun and inspirational ideas at Her site is a splendid mashup of fun foods, crafts, creative ideas, and even free stuff for you to get your creativity on! She also founded iheartfaces, a popular photography website with weekly photo challenges, and nearly 12,000 members. The wide variety of themes and images that their users create for the challenges are absolutely incredible. Amy’s work has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Parenting Magazine, and LifeHacker; and she has worked with Disney, Kodak, and Carnival Cruise Lines. She likes Sun Chips and Dr Pepper, and you can find her personal photography on Flickr, where she has a ton of fun and festive shots. Amy tweets @livinglocurto about design and crafts, travel, and all sorts of creative ideas, and she also tweets @iheartfaces about photography. If you need some design work done you can hit Amy up at, which is her personal design studio, and follow her work there @atomicegg. If you’d like to hook up you can like her on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn. Amy is a beautiful creative juggernaut, and I love the way in which her work is boldly bringing fun, family, and a touch of whimsy together to create joy. It is clear that she has an appreciation for, and love of people. That tenderness is evidant in all of her endeavors, so you’ll be missing out if you don’t add her to your circles.

Amy Locurto on Google+

The Plus Project: Israel Vicars

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

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I’ve selected Israel Vicars for today’s Plus Project. Israel is an entrepreneur and Founding partner of, and he lives with his wife Brittany (with whom he recently celebrated his anniversary) in my home state of Missouri. He is also a Community Manager at, where he works with Angel investors, and manages their social media channels. Israel has worked with the University of Michigan, and done presentations at national trade shows. In addition he founded MPowered, a student organization supporting entrepreneurship, and co-founded the Association of Business Plan Competitions. He likes attending orchestral performances, cooking, and drinking espresso, and has launched his own film funding company. Israel tweets @israelvicars about the daily activities of his life, and you can find him on his website at, connect on LinkedIn, or get to know him on Facebook. I love the way that Isreal so thoroughly supports the visionary ideas and creativity of entrepreneurs both young and old, and if you like seeing people’s ideas come to life then you’ll be glad to have him in your circles.

Israel Vicars on Google+

The Plus Project: Valeria Maltoni

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

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For today’s Plus Project, I’ve selected Valeria Maltoni. Valeria is a business strategist, and Principal at Conversation Agent LLC, . She is the author of the book Conversation Agent, and she has spoken at SxSW, BlogWorld, Web 2.0 Expo, and many other events. Valeria has worked with multi-national organizations, including Anheuser-Busch and GE, to mid-sized companies, and start-ups. Her work covers the ways in which businesses can establish conversations with their customers, and engage them in meaningful long-term relationships; focusing primarily on the next step for businesses, and what role influence, content, and technology play in that conversation. She tweets often @conversationage about these topics and related issues, and you can check out her website at, where you can watch videos of her speaking engagements, read articles she’s written, or book her to speak at your upcoming event. She posts some interesting photos on Flickr, and you can also read her responses to a good deal of content on Disqus. You can also Like her on Facebook, or connect with her on LinkedIn. I really love that Valeria’s work is so heavily focused on the human and relational elements of marketing, as I fully believe that it is those two qualities which draw people together for the betterment of a brand, a community, and the world. If you appreciate creating authentic connections with people, then you’ll appreciate having her in your circle.

Valeria Maltoni on Google+

The Plus Project: LeSean Lewis

August 4, 2011 2 comments

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Today I’ve selected LeSean Lewis for the Plus Project. LeSean is a 24 year old graphic designer and digital media artist living in Virginia. He likes Family Guy, Michael Jackson (who doesn’t appreciate the late great king of pop?), and Stevie Wonder. LeSean tweets some pretty funny stuff @seantaneous, as well as the periodic tech stuff, and he posts some funny photos on Tumblr. He Graduated in 2005 from Floyd Kellam High School, located in Virginia Beach, VA, and he posts the occasional video on Youtube. You can become friends on Facebook, or try to hit it off with his alter-ego Seantaneous. LeSean is an awesome guy with a ton of interesting content to share (and a penchant for food), so be sure you add him to your circles.

LeSean Lewis on Google+